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Through continuous research, graphic and theoretical study, we are able to create products that follow current trends and anticipate the future. Each project is created following the input of trends and customer requests. This area features the creation of clothing collections, patterns, trend books and fabrics.

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Trend book

You can chose your book

Trend books are the first product made by our laboratory and have very positive feedbacks from our world-wide clients . They are the perfect mix of market analysis, artistic research and scientific information to infer trends. They are created in series, following the autumn/ winter and spring/ summer seasons, or ad-hoc for each individual customer who wants to have his own personalized and creative trend.

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Match your ideas with the graphic design

Our work is not exclusively related to the creation of products from scratch. On the contrary, we also take care of creating a captivating presentation of your work in order to make it attractive in the eyes of your customers. All this will include the creation of a book of materials and posters with finished products, which can also be used during any exhibitions, fairs and fashion shows.

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3D artwork

New world for new ideas

Virtual creation is the best way to exploit the most modern technologies in the textile and clothing sector. The 3D model is adapted to gender, size, anthropometric conformations, age and much more. Prototyping for clothing can start from a sketch and then completed with the colors and textures of the materials; resulting in the production of photorealistic images complete with ambient lighting, shadows and background scenarios for a presentation at the highest level. The result is an image that is absolutely indistinguishable from a real photo thanks to accurate and precise renderings down to the smallest details that show a preview of the clothing items, thus facilitating the purchase by buyers.

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Match your ideas with the graphic design

Each collection will be created from scratch, starting from the needs, the style and the general mood required our customer, who will be involved and actively participate by providing constant feedback during the realization of the project. At the request of our customers, we create collections for men, women and children, providing detailed sketches, research of materials and colors, technical sheets and plates.

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The subject that you desire

Based on the needs, the style and the general mood of our client, we could design original patterns; This stage of processing will not only involve the design of a print on fabric, but also the design of an embroidery, the structure of lace manufacturing.