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Work with us

Elide takes care of the organization of your event. Whether it's the wedding of your dreams, a small private party or just a few missing pieces to your party, we are available to create the perfect atmosphere for you. There are many interested sectors, and for each of them, we will recommend you the right person adapted.

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Let's sparkle

We will choose with you the dress and accessories that best suit the style of your event, giving you suggestions on a range of dresses, then choose the tailored one for you. The accessories will also play an important role: wedding rings, jewels, veils, hats and underwear.

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Hair make up

As Beautiful as you dreamed of

The choice of make-up and hairstyle will be accompanied in the smallest detail following the customer's wishes and trying to find the best solution to make the choice harmonious and classy.

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Location catering

Beyond imagination

The first choice in organizing an event is undoubtedly the location, with our help we will find the right place to make your dreams come true. At the same time we will put our best suppliers at your disposal and guide you with the best choice that suits your needs on food and beverage.

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Everything you need

The choice of the bouquet in case of organizing a wedding will be aligned with the general project that you have chosen for the decorations, together with the invitations, thanks, seat markers, tableaux and guestbook.

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Turning dreams into reality

With the help of our professionals, we will create the memories of your event in a professional and touching way. We could make photos, videos, drone shooting and photobooth shootings.

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Creating unforgettable moments

You will have our most attention on creating entertainment that levels up your expectations, no matter it would be a more sober style or a more party style.