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The laboratory is fervently dedicated to researching the most iconic products of the season: from the outfit to the entire collection, following you step by step to make your wishes come true. By collaborating with the most famous European multi-brands and after years of experience in this sector, we can ensure a certain level of satisfaction of our global customers.

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We can assist commercial groups, chains and stores in buying strategy on big fashion brands. We operate all over the world and are able to satisfy any wholesale purchase request in the fashion area on numerous types of brands and fashion products, guaranteeing a personalized search and selection service of fashion brands for our customers. Our team is constantly updated on general trends and the trends of the sector, offering retailers the best fashion collections available on the market. The service includes all the characteristic coordination procedures of wholesale purchasing, including the search for brands, selection and negotiation.

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Personal shop

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This personalised buying service is tailored to the individual. Based on the parameters you indicate, budget, purchase instructions, taste, need and so on, we will select the places to visit before moving on to the operational phase of accompanying you, to choose the garments of your dreams. The regions where this personalised service will be possible are Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria.

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Remake closet

Everything changes to feel new

One of the most appreciated services is that of reorganisation of the wardrobe, this service is carried out comfortably at home, includes the study and reorganisation of the wardrobes useful to dress quickly with the best combinations for all occasions in addition to the delivery of a targeted shopping list to complement what we saw together. The regions where this personalised service will be possible are Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria.